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Activate Double Your Line Visa Credit Card from Merrick Bank

It is really frustrating to see the diminishing credit line which means you have the weaker and weaker purchasing power. To double your credit line, you can make a wise choice of applying for a Double Your Line (DYL) Visa Credit Card which will enable you to enhance your line gradually as long as you make payment on time! Either customers who want to enjoy an easy way to make payment or those who have blemished credit histories can enjoy the considerate service after pass the Acceptance Certificate Verification online within a few steps shown in the following guidance.

Benefits of Merrick Bank Double Your Line Visa Credit Card

  • Make purchase at any stores online or offline where Visa card are accepted.
  • Access online and mobile account for free so as to track your every payment.
  • Double the credit line if the minimum monthly payment is paid off by the due date during the first 7 months after your account being opened.
  • $0 fraud liability.
  • Paperless statements will bring you free monthly FICO Score.

How to Complete Acceptance Certificate Verification Online
Before making the best use out of your Merrick Bank Double Your Line Visa Credit Card, you have to complete the acceptance certificate verification to make sure your card and account is hold by yourself and kept in the secured situation. Do as what the guidance below tells you so as to be a step nearer to your fascinating benefits.

  • Visit the verification site at www.doubleyourline.com.
  • Type in your pre-selected acceptance certificate number and your last name which appears on your offer letter.
  • Hit “Next” to move to the next step.
  • Follow the guide and then complete the process step by step.

Complete Acceptance Certificate of Merrick Bank Credit Card

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  1. Merrick Bank DLY Verification Link – www.doubleyourline.com
  2. Merrick Bank Official Site – www.merrickbank.com
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