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Access Six Flags Mypks Comonay Schedule Updates

Mypks is the website for Six Flags employees to log in and check their schedules as well as to view their personal data. Mypks enhances communication with and between employees. This website is only accessible to authorized users for business only.

How to access Mypks updates?
Type in your Employee Badge ID and BIrth Date in the format of “YYMM”.

Check Six Flags Mypks Employee Site

Inside the site are internal links to Six Flags websites, alerts, schedules, Six Flags-related news, information about day-to-day operations among other things.

To protect your privacy, be sure to log out when you finish using the website.

If you have problem accessing the website, or you encounter a Server Error in ‘/’ Application, please call your HR for your work schedule.

Reference Links

  1. Six Flags Official Website – www.sixflags.com
  2. Six Flags Careers – www.sixflagsjobs.com
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